New book ”since I was 25”


Publish on October 29,2022

W225mm×H235mm |Hard cover| B/W | 48 pages |55 photos

Edition of 450


Editing | Koji Onaka [Kaido Books] + Luigi Clavareau [in)(between gallery]

Book design | Takeshi Nakamura [Mo better design]

Publisher |  Kaido Books, Tokyo + in)(between gallery


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A- Snap shot in front of the station

B- Table in the garden

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My mother, the one who sees me off saying "Have a nice day".

Rhythmically, the road I walk on in front of the station almost every day is captured on film.

Time in the train commuting back and forth from home to work and back to home.

Aiming at the person walking in front of you and releasing the shutter.

And after a while, when the films piled up, I developed them in the bathroom and hand printed my photos in my darkroom.


And it went on like that over and over and without realizing, 10 years had passed.

Since I was 25, things that have not changed are mixed with things that have changed.

Places that I frequented have become places I can't go to any more, likewise I can't meet some familiar people any more.

During the past 10 years, some places I used to be uncomfortable with have become comfortable places for me, and I found new precious people I always spend time with. 


Now, looking at my old photos, they reminded me once again of the changes through time.

I believe that is the power of photography.