How to order - from outside Japan


New Book 

"since I was 25"

 I can take international orders.

If you are interested in purchasing my new book, please contact me at [satoharuna.bookshop*]


【 How to order? 】

1. Order

Please send your following order information by e-mail.


・e-mail address

・shipping address
・postal code

・phone number

・Please choose from  3 type of books

 - Normal edition 

 - with a hand made print  A- Snap shot in front of station

    - with a hand made print  B- Table in the garden



2. Payment (I'm using PayPal)

After receiving your order, I will reply you by email with the total amount (including shipping cost to your country + PayPal fee) and my PayPal account details.

If it is OK, please transfer the amount to my PayPal.


3. Shipment (I'm using EMS)

After confirming your payment, I will dispatch the book you ordered.


≪ Please feel free to contact us for any further inquiries. [satoharuna.bookshop*] ≫